OTC (Over The Counter) is a trading platform where you can buy BlackHat Coin directly from the Team.

Even though there are many cryptocurrency exchanges where BlackHat Coin is listed on (the list is here), but currently many of them have their own rules and jurisdictions (areas of availability), KYC, lack of liquidity and limits. Sometimes you cannot trade on a particular exchanges due to its unavailability in your country, the need to pass KYC or other limits and peculiarities.

This is where BlackHat OTC comes in. You can:
  • buy/sell BLKC coins for any supported coins (the list of all supported coins is on the My Balances page)
  • swap BLKC to another supported tokenized network (like Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum. The list of supported networks you can find on My Balances page, clicking Withdraw)
  • earn BLKC coins by participating in referral program (the rules of the referral program see below)
To exchange one asset to another one you need to:
  • check whether sufficient amount of the asset you would like to buy is on the OTC balance. To do that, go to Exchange page, in the left select box chose an asset you would like to sell and in the right select box the one you would like to buy. The number which is appeared above the right select box indicates how many of the asset the OTC has at this time
  • deposit the asset you are willing to sell and after the deposit confirmed go to Exchange in the main menu, select assets to sell/buy as described above, enter desired amount and click Exchange button. The exchange Deal will appear in the list below the exchange form
  • process the deal by clicking Confirm or Cancel button. The deal will be automatically expired and cancelled if the expiration time of the deal is reached

When the deal is processed, you can withdraw the asset you just bought.

The amounts of coins on OTC balances depends on previous exchange deals.
For example, someone bought BLKC for BTC. So, after the exchange is processed, the person gets BLKC from OTC balance and the BTC goes to OTC balance, so anyone else can sell BLKC for that balance of BTC.

Buying a large amount of coins is useful for:
  • the ones who is planning to start their own masternodes or stake BLKC and get a passive income, therefore supporting BlackHat network
  • large holders
  • the ones who can't use another cryptocurrency exchanges due to unavailability of them in the investor's jurisdiction (location), KYC or lack of the liquidity on the available for the investor exchanges

If you would like to buy a large amount of BLKC coins which exceeds the current OTC balance you need to contact the Team via official Telegram accounts @MrAlexBlackHat or @dgride

For the large amounts there are some discounts as follows:
Starting from, BLKC coins Discount, %
5000 5
15000 9
25000 14
35000 20

Please note, the discount amounts are the subject to change

Participating in the referral program gives you the opportunity to earn some rewards in BLKC coins.

How to participate?
  • after the registration go to Settings and locate your referral link
  • share your referral link across your social networks, messengers, etc.
  • each one who register using your referral link and buy BLKC coins will bring you some rewards
What's the reward percentage?

Currently, you'll get 1% of BLKC coins from each BLKC coins amount which has been purchased by your referrals.

Please note that the percentage is subject to change.